Cooper Kupp   WR   Eastern Washington  


Cooper is a special player and a potential franchise Receiver for the team that selects him. He has good size and good speed and loves the physical part of the game. He will do anything to catch a ball contorting his body in the air and if he had too I bet he would catch the ball with his feet while lying on the ground too. He has Godzilla hands that once he clamps on to the ball there is no way it is coming out until he hears the whistle. He adjust very well when the ball is in the air and at a young age understands how to read coverage’s on the fly and decipher what route to run against zone coverage’s and single coverage’s. He is football smart and this along with his natural talent, work ethic and ability to catch the ball with strong hands when being contested, makes him the perfect receiver for the intelligent, strong arm quarterback very much like Jordy Nelson is for Aaron Rodgers. Cooper is a leader through his play on the field and is a sold blocking receiver when playing any receiving position on the field and he plays them all. He is a run after the catch beast to tackle for defensive backs and in the red zone with his Godzilla hands a natural touchdown maker. There might be some receivers that are faster in this draft but trust me there are none that will be better.

My biggest concern about Cooper is that my favorite team passes on him and some other team in the same division doesn’t. Cooper has the work ethic to overcome his lack of short area quickness but if I wanted to nitpick that would be the question mark to his overall game. He’s a long strider and it takes him time to gain his top speed.

Cooper’s run after the catch ability is dramatic and his ability to adjust and catch the ball is outstanding but what I notice also is his speed once he gets into the open field. Not many will catch this kid from behind and this makes him a franchise receiver along with his work ethic and love of the physical part of the game. Of course those Godzilla hands add to the mix. Those hands may not be the biggest but they might be the strongest I have seen catching the ball in a while. All I can tell you is that Copper Kupp is the real deal. I don’t know what round he will be selected in other than to tell you for me that round would the 1st round if I needed a receiver. Cooper might be selected later because of the level of competition but I suspect once he gets to the Senior Bowl and works out for those NFL coaches and scouts that Cooper might change their minds. Cooper (Godzilla Hands) Kupp when he latches on to the ball it would take a stick of dynamite to get it out of his hands.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017