Cordrea Tankersley   CB   Clemson 


Cordrea has excellent size, strength, speed and agility to play his position at a very high level. He has played against some top receivers at the college level and has a lot of snaps under his belt. He has the length to trail receivers and knock down balls and has the strength to play in the slot against those tall receivers and pass catching tight ends. Cordrea has quick feet and can turn his hips quickly and in the red zone will take away those fade routes to those big receivers. He has the talent to be an excellent cover corner at the next level but it takes more than talent to be successful in the NFL.

Cordrea has talent but he has no confidence in that talent. His immature techniques and play on the field is shocking. He gets beat because he panics and loses his techniques. He’s a penalty machine because he panics and loses his techniques. He is too cautious when coming up and supporting the run. Cordrea is not a secure tackler and in general struggles to compete consistently.

Cordrea can become a very good corner back in the NFL if he can overcome panicking when he starts to get beat in pass coverage. When this happens he starts putting his hands all over the receiver and this means penalties. He has the speed and quickness to recover but he just doesn’t believe in himself. He also gets frustrated and receivers can play head games with him. He has to grow up on the field and believe in himself and his talents and stop guessing and learn to read receivers better. It s all mental with this kid and if he can learn to take what he learns in practice and take it on to the field in a game he could become a hell of a corner back. But he does have to learn to tackle first because if he doesn’t want to tackle he winds up being just a guy.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017