Corey Davis   WR   Western Michigan  


Corey reminds me of the Bills Wide Receiver Sammie Watkins. He has excellent speed and runs very good routes overall. He shows decent hands and because of his run after the catch abilities he is a threat to beat you deep or short and on any down or distance. Corey is a good blocker and has the football intelligence to play any of the receiver positions in any style of offensive system. He looks on film to be an excellent teammate and this along with his natural skills and excellent work ethic should make him the type of offensive weapon every team in the NFL needs to be successful. I call him Corey (Watch Out) Davis because thatís what the defensive back field will say to each other on every passing down, ďwatch outĒ for Davis or he will burn you big time.

Because of his speed Corey hasnít proven or caught too many contested balls. This will change at the next level. In fact being physical when Corey runs routes is another issue that he hasnít had to deal with because of the competition level and his speed. Right now Corey shows on film that he can be inconsistent catching the ball outside of his body and bumped off his routes when teams get physical with him. Heís a long striding athlete and once he is bumped off his routes itís hard for him to regain his timing and continue on his route path. His hands can be questionable at times and catch radius is limited so he needs a strong armed accurate QB to be truly effective.

Itís not a negative to point out a playerís weakness but it does show you that a player can struggle at first to be consistent and as impacting at the NFL level until those weaknesses are dealt with. Corey has to learn how to be physical and deal with opponents being physical with him. He has to have the mental toughness to overcome and I think he does. Most of the issues I have concerns about are mental and not about his talent. Corey looks to be very coachable and have an excellent work ethic so selecting him early in this draft is very logical. He has the speed, size and production that prove his abilities and potential. Now all Corey has to do is, continue to improve and you have yourself a wide receiver who can play any receiver position, on any down and distance with the threat of taking it to the house against any style of defense. Isnít that what we are looking for in any draft of a wide receiver? Corey (Watch Out) Davis you better believe you have to watch out for him on every passing down.
Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017