Curtis Samuel   WR/RB   Ohio State 


Curtis played a little running back and slot receiver. He is a one speed type of football player that excels at the college level. When he is in the slot as a receiver his speed makes him a nightmare match up for safeties and linebackers. When he plays running back in the open field he can make plays and make players miss him gaining yardage outside the tackles. Curtis is a specialty player and his impact is in matching him up in an offense that gets him out into the open field. He has good bulk to run the ball and can move the chains catching the ball. Curtis needs to be in the right system and with the right coaching to take advantage of his talent.

If you think you are going to use him as a receiver all I can tell you is he only runs a limited amount of routes so you will have a learning curve for sure at the pro level. If you think he can be used as a running back, all I can tell you is he doesn’t run the ball between the tackles very much so thinking he has the skills to do it at the pro level might be expecting too much, once again there will be a learning curve.

Right now with the information I see on film (for the next level) Curtis is a specialty player. That doesn’t mean he can’t become a starting impact player for the team that selects him it just means it will take some time. He has a lot to learn about changing gears, running routes and catching a contested pass. He has a ton to learn if he wants to run the ball BETWEEN the tackles because just running it outside the tackles won’t work at the next level. Right now he runs mostly quick out routes in the slot and sweeps as a running back and he runs everything at one speed and as fast as he can. Percy Harvin was used the same way in college and in the pros never reached his potential to consistently impact. Maybe it was because of off field issues or maybe it was because he needed a special system nevertheless Cutis will have to prove at the NFL level that he has the ability to adjust to the NFL and not the other way around. I think it might take his first contract to prove this. At least it will for me. I see talent but I see a learning curve that might out last that talent. Of course you never know his limitations could be because of the offense and not the other way around. Guess we won’t know until he is selected and gets on the field for sure. That’s the thing about the draft, no matter what… you just never know until….they prove it.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017