Daeshon Hall   ER/DL   Texas A&M 


Daeshon has the long length and long arms that every team is looking for in an Edge Rusher. When you see him on the field the first player that comes to mind is DeMarcus Ware. He has the size, speed, agility to play with his hand on the ground or standing up. He has the ability to drop and cover screens and is relatively stout against the run and sweeps to his side. Daeshon can handle double teams when pass rushing and split them and get into the backfield as quick as any Edge Rusher in this draft. He is smart and will knock down balls when he canít get to the quarterback. He has quick feet and it is very hard to cut block him and with his athletic talent to change direction and foot speed, he can run down players from behind and make tackles in the back field. Daeshon definitely has the look of being an excellent Edge Rusher just like DeMarcus Ware but as we all knowÖ looks can be deceiving.

Daeshon plays the game like a magicians magic beans. You can see him, and you know he is there but he just keeps disappearing and then all of a sudden reappearing. Consistency in passion, techniques and overall play is Daeshonís biggest problem. Ask me why he has this consistency problem from game to game? I donít have a clue. All I can tell you is his effort doesnít disappear in a game and I donít see him taking plays off but what I do see is a lack of passion and attention to detail from game to game. If some coach can figure this kid out and find out what motivates him Daeshon could be as good as DeMarcus Ware.

There are some games that Daeshon is outstanding and then there are other games when he doesnít get off the line of scrimmage. You have to wonder is it because he lacks self motivation, or is it coaching, or could it just be the game plan? He can play the run and can handle double teams so itís possible he was told to stay more at home and let his counterpart do most of the damage. Iím giving Daeshon the benefit of the doubt because I donít doubt his effort. In some games he was as dominating as his teammate and then other games he was just a guy. I have to think it was the game plan and that means (If Iím Right) that this kid is a hell of a teammate. From what I see on film Daeshon is a sleeper Edge Rusher in this draft. A sleeper to me is a player who plays in a big division that no else seem to notice and not a player in a lower or less competitive division that everyone seems to notice. Daeshon plays in the SEC with a player on the same defensive line who could be the top 5 pick in this draft. He has equal talents but hasnít produce to the same degree as his counterpart. That means to me that this kid has a ton of potential not yet tapped. Or maybe itís just that Daeshon doesnít want all the responsibility of being THE man on his team? For me, Iím thinking this kid is a sleeper. Iím not convinced Daeshon will be selected in the first round but I have no problems thinking that if he is he has the potential to be as good as DeMarcus Ware.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017