Dalvin Cook   RB/WR/ST   Florida St 


Dalvin reminds me a lot of Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles. He is the type of player who has the potential on any down and distances to take the ball to the house and score. He can play multiple positions in your offense and because of his unique speed and lateral quickness he will be a match up nightmare for any Defensive Coordinator. Dalvin is an excellent running back using patience to set up his blocking and changing gears using his speed, quickness and vision to limit big hits in the open field. Because of his size and pad level itís hard for linebackers to see him behind his big offensive lineman and when they do itís hard for them to tackle him because of his suddenness and lateral explosion to step through their arms tackles. Dalvin is a weapon that you donít take off the field on any down. He can catch the ball down the field like a wide receiver and not using him in this fashion on third and long downs would be a crime.

The Key to Dalvinís success at the next level is to not wear him out giving him the ball over twenty times as a running back. He has to stay healthy because when he gets hurt there will be no replacement for his impact for your offense. Of course with all running backs, fumbling is always an issue. Dalvin will put the ball on the ground at if you can catch him and tackle him.

There is no replacing Jamaal Charles when he gets injured. Itís that simple and when it happens it might even take a game or two before the Chiefs can adjust their play calling because his talent is not available. This will happen to the team that selects Dalvin also. Thatís just the reality of selecting a player like Dalvin. Heís a gift and a curse. The gift is his talents; the curse is if he gets injured you canít replace his talent. That doesnít mean you over think the process and not select him as early as you can in this draft. Some people suggest not selecting a running back in the first round at all. First of all, Iím not some people and 2nd, I would never pass on a player who I personally have rated as 1st Round talent thinking I can select a player later in the draft with less talent. Of course if you donít rate ANY player or running back as first round talent I guess than you would never draft a running back in the first round. The problem with that theory is, if youíre doing your job correctly how could you possible not have a 1st round grade on a player just because of the position he plays and not because of his potential to impact at the position he plays? Thatís just another kind of stupid IMO. You might not value the position as high as other positions but you canít deny the talent to impact. So go ahead and pass on selecting running backs in the first round because you do not value the position, go ahead I dare you but when you do remember Drewís Draft rule #23; ďDonít believe that crap that this is a passing league, There are maybe 5 franchise QBís in NFL the rest need the THREAT of a good RB to be successfulĒ. Dalvin gives you that threat the day after you select him.
Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017