Damore’ea Stringfellow   WR   Mississippi  


Damore’ea doesn’t have lot stats but turn on the film and his play jumps out at you with the shocking suddenness of a person parachuting and landing into your backyard pool. His ability to adjust in the air and high point the ball with strong hands while contested is impressive. He reminds me of Bengals A. J. Green because of his ability to go deep and catch the ball along with his ability to move the chains and play against zone or single coverage’s. Damore’ea understands his talent and is football smart when running his routes. He’s a red zone nightmare because of his size and large catch radius. Damore’ea has all the talent to be a franchise receiver but like I say, it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.

Damore’ea is not a choir boy. So far as I can tell the problems he had will be up to the teams as to how much they affect his ratings. For me, with the information I have, his issues are non issues. The next question is does he have the mental strength and stamina to become a receiver who can carry the passing offense? He has to prove that at the next level. As usually with all young receivers he will have to learn better overall techniques but once again nothing I see on film that he can’t improve at, if he wants badly enough.

Damore’ea is on the brink of being a franchise receiver. On film he has all the talent required along with the acrobatics and ability to catch contested passes. My guess is Damore’ea most likely will not be selected in the first round but trust me if I needed a wide receiver I would select him unless, there was something in his interviews that told me differently. The key here is to look at Rob’s value board for what round he will likely be selected in and not over drafting Damore’ea if you don’t need to. Right now he’s a bit of a sleeper but if Damore’ea workouts are good he could shoot up the boards because when you put the film on he flashes with the talent you need to have a successful passing game. With the information I have, I have no problems selecting Damore’ea at some point in the first round but that’s just crazy Drew.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017