Dan Feeney   OL/G   Indiana   


Dan could be considered as the best offensive lineman in this draft. He has the size and the techniques of a mature guard when pass blocking and run blocking. He has good foot movement and although he might not have great speed he moves his feet all the time never stops and this allows him to compensate for a lack of pure speed. He is very smart and shows leadership skills with his play on the field and that reflects his leadership off field. He has excellent mental strength and stamina along with good physical strength. He is a plug in type of offensive lineman who has the football intelligence to be used at the tackle position in a pinch. He does a good job going to the second level and getting out into the open for screens. He is excellent at picking up stunts and working with his line mates when pass blocking. Dan is the man, the man to select if your team needs a plug in guard for the next ten years. Dan reminds me a lot of former Giants OL David Diehl who was a 2003 5th Round draft choice and started all 16 games in his Rookie season and played for ten years.

Dan doesnít have the foot speed that gets out fast enough on screen plays but he will work on it and get better I have no doubts. Coaches will just have to understand that maybe expecting him to get out from the right guard position all the way over to the left side hash marks for screen plays might not be Danís strength.

This whole line of interior offensive lineman is impressive. Dan is excellent on the move and blocking in open space you just canít expect that he move twenty yards down the field staying with a running back that has 4.5 speeds for a screen play on the opposite side of the field. I think sometimes these coaches ask a little too much from some of these players. Indiana uses this screen play two or three times in a game and every time they use Dan to block pass the left side hash marks he is out of position and struggles to get the angle because he is just not fast enough. So why put him in that position, Change your blocking scheme on that particular play. Dan does fine pulling on plays to the right side and pulling between the tackles on the left side. He does an excellent job going to the second level and getting his blocks. So why make him block out of his comfort zone? Dan is a hell of an offensive lineman. Heís seems to always be on balance against the run or the pass and his techniques are excellent. He has good feet or he wouldnít be balanced all the time. Iíd like to see if he can make the snaps at the center position and if he can he will fly up the boards because his value will be more than the average offensive lineman in this draft.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017