Davis Webb   QB   California


Davis reminds me a lot of Mark Sanchez. He has a good enough arm and can make all the throws. He is athletic enough to run the ball when necessary but his strength is working from the pocket and getting rid of the ball quickly. Davis fits a west coast offensive system. He works well from the shot gun and Iím sure given a little time he will work well under center too. He has already worked with a few different coaches at the college level so adjusting to the NFL coaches should not be an issue when evaluating Davis for the next level.

Davis might fit a west coast offence but his lack of consistency and accuracy getting rid of the ball, will affect his ability to be successful in any style of offense. All of his problems come from his lack of mechanics in his footwork. It affects his accuracy, velocity, and consistency. Davis also lacks common sense in his decision making thinking he is a better passer than he is and trying to make passes his talents suggest are not his strengths.

It comes down to this, Davis thinks he is a better quarterback than he actual is. Iím sure that he thinks he works hard at his craft but the truth is either he works hard and is not working smart or is not working hard enough. I think he could be a good as Jeff Garcia who was a good starting quarterback for the 49ers but right now all I see is the inconsistency of a Mark Sanchez. Every time he comes off his 1st receiver I hold my breath because I know he is either going to miss the receiver badly, throw an interception or worse throw a ball he has no business throwing because he doesnít have that type of talent. For some teams I expect Davis has some value but for me, I would let someone else do all work and see where he is at after his first contract is up. The gauntlet has been dropped; I hope you prove me wrong Davis.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017