DeShone Kizer   QB   Notre Dame  


DeShone is a big quarterback. He works mostly from shot gun but is a pocket passer with good size to see down field. He has a good arm and his athletic talent is solid enough to answer what most teams are looking for nowadays for the next level. DeShone has played in a lot games and his stats speak well of his potential for the next level. In Short DeShone looks the part and you can check off a lot of boxes when evaluating him for the next level but as we all know checking off boxes is not really a smart way to evaluate any player for the next level.

Where to start? Letís see, well first of all his mechanics are very inconsistent, he stares down his receiver when still sitting on the bench. He has a long release and front step on his throwing motion that makes his accuracy questionable and takes away from his velocity when throwing deep. DeShone struggles under adverse situations with decision making and when leaving the pocket he doesnít look down field to pass the ball. He also looks on film to have gained weight over the season and that would suggest a poor work ethic. I just think heís coming out too early and with poor habits and will continue to struggle with consistency in every part of his game at the next level.

DeShone struggles with the speed of the game at the college level so suggesting that he will not continue to struggle at the NFL level is like suggesting the sun will not shine in Bermuda. I donít see the confidence in his play to think he will gain that confidence all of a sudden but I can see how many would be fooled by his size and strength in a work out. He has talent and does look the part but I just think that talent is a long ways off before he can impact and for me I would let someone else select him and then see where he is at, after his first contract is up. But you never know, Iíve been wrong before and Iím sure after DeShone works out it MIGHT look like Iíll be wrong againÖthatís what I said, it ďmight lookĒ that way. But you know that old saying, looks can be deceiving.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017