Dede Westbrook   WR   Oklahoma


Dede reminds me of Ted Ginn Jr. He has excellent speed and good hands and does an adequate job running routes at the college level. He shows good quickness to go along with that lightning speed and has the talent to be an impact receiver if he wants to be. Right now Dede shows the potential to be a weapon for an offense with a strong arm quarterback in a vertical play action style of offense.

Dede is not strong enough, does not block and doesn’t get off the line of scrimmage or consistently catch contested passes to be worth selecting early in this draft. He struggles unless used as a move receiver and struggles to get off the line if his opponent is physical against him and while he is running his routes. He also has a “pattern” of domestic violence arrest and incidents off the field that is alarming.

The truth is I don’t see anything in Dede’s overall game that makes me think he is anything more than a complementary receiver that needs to be on the move at the snap of the ball to be effective. He has little bulk and strength to break tackles and be effective running after the catch unless, he is in the open field on sweeps and running crossing routes against zone coverage. He is intimidated when a corner back or safety gets physical with him but doesn’t seem to have a problem being physical off the field with woman. To be honest, with the information I have in front of me, Dede’s lack of improvement on the field and also lack of improvement in his behavior off the field makes it hard for me to keep him on my board to select him at all. Nevertheless I do not have all the information and have never interviewed him personal to make that a definite decision for everyone. Dede’s lack of attention to the details of his position on the field and also to get stronger, block for his teammates and being easily intimated by physical play, is what I am basing my talent grade on for this profile and not the information of his off field behavior. Once again, the reason for this is because I don’t have all the facts on those issues. I don’t believe that just because Dede has excellent speed and quickness that automatically means he can be an impact player for the team that selects because; it takes more that athletic talent to play in the NFL.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2017