Deshaun Watson   QB   Clemson  


Deshaun is one smooth operator. He works a defense like a Don Juan works his charms on woman only to break their hearts in the end. He is a pure pocket passer with excellent accuracy and excellent overall arm talent standing in the pocket and makeing throws that most quarterbacks at the college level are not able to make. He is a quiet leader and has this calm demeanor most of the game when he is under pressure. He has good athletic talent to run the ball when necessary and is mentally one of the toughest quarterbacks that I have seen at the college level. He has quiet feet in the pocket and has that innate ability to feel the pressure and move around gaining extra time to throw down the field. On passing plays when he breaks the pocket he looks to pass the ball more than to run. There is a little bit of Eli Manning in this kids overall play by that I mean, he is calm and quiet with a sneaky competitive nature that challenges him to make big plays in the big games.

Like I said Deshaun reminds me of Eli Manning. Both can be as erratic throwing the ball as they are accurate. Deshaun needs to add a little more bulk to his body without it affecting his throwing mechanics. Last year Deshaun was extremely accurate throwing the ball but this year he added a little more muscle and I feel this might have messed with his mechanics and made him struggle early in the year with his accuracy.

Deshaun is a top talent in my book and if youíre smart and need a quarterback in this draft you will trade your best milking cow, her future five calves and the Bull, and thatís no bull. Donít think that because his accuracy level went down this year that makes it a reason to pass on him. After all every Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator in the SEC (in the off season) studied Deshaun to stop him and still with all that study and special defenses against him, he played at a remarkable level all season long. Thatís the sign of a potential great player for the next level. Deshaun (Don Juan) Watson is a frustrating player to play against because of his ability to adjust in a smooth calculating way his physical play and thinking during a game. When you see a Quarterback with obvious football intelligence, who can throw the ball with the velocity and accuracy Deshaun possesses you select him early in a draft because not many college QBís come along in a draft with his talents to play the position at the level he has performed at for the last two years.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017