Dion Dawkins   OT/OG   Temple


Dion is a powerful run blocking offensive tackle with the aggressive mentality that most teams are going to love. He shows on film that he loves the physical part of the game of football and reminds me a lot of Richie Incognito. Dion gets out of his stance quickly and comes off the line at excellent pad level to gain leverage making it very hard for his opponent to change the line of scrimmage in their favor. Dion has good quick feet and can be used in a zone blocking scheme or in a pulling guard system. He has excellent hand usage keeping contact with his opponent but not locking on and causing a lot of holding penalties. He is smart and understands his limitations and although he has played tackle I think Dion has pro bowl potential as a left guard for the team that selects him.

Dion lacks the change of direction skills to go out to the second level unless itís in tight quarters. He also lacks the lateral agility that you like to see in an offensive left tackle for the next level but he does move his feet quickly and with better foot placement techniques should be able to play one of the tackle positions in a pinch. There are some off field issues in Dionís past that teams will have to decide for themselves how or if those past issues will affect his draft status. Dion on the field and off seems to have a nasty attitude.

There is no doubt in my mind that Dion with a little more work on pass blocking techniques can be a solid right tackle and in some systems. For example I can see him in a vertical play action offense being able to play left tackle but what I see on the film is a potential pro bowl left guard because of his quickness, aggressiveness, physical and mental strength. Dion loves blocking for the run, and although he is a good pass blocker in tight spaces his strength is blocking for the run. If youíre smart you donít pass on offensive lineman with his size and athletic talent to play more than one position especially in this draft. Offensive linemen have finally been realized as the strength or weakness of an offense and their value has increased in the last few years. Dion is smart, strong and has good overall athleticism to play at the next level at a very high level and although he has had some altercations off the field, Iím not convinced those issues will affect his draft status. So the bottom line is this, what I see in Dion on film is a nasty, powerful, run blocking offensive lineman with solid pass blocking skills. You think your team should pass on that style of player? I wouldnít.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017