Dorian Johnson   OL/G   Pittsburgh  


Dorian is a very good pass blocking guard. He shows good enough foot movement to be used in a pulling system and does a good job going out to the second level to make his blocks. Dorian does a good job in mirroring his opponent and working with his teammates on the line of scrimmage. He has good enough talent to be left on his own on passing downs allowing the center to shade over to help the right guards. Dorian uses good techniques when pass blocking keeping good balance and good form and never seems to panic. Pass blocking is defiantly his strength and itís hard to fine guards who can pass block like he can but he will need developing in other areas before he can become a complete guard. He has pro bowl Left Guard talent if he can continue to develop.

Dorian is a good pass blocker but as far as being a good run blocker, thatís a different story. Those good feet he uses to pass block fail him when run blocking. In not moving his feet once he engages with his opponent it causes him to be off balance, to lunge and not stay with his blocks long enough. This also allows his opponent to direct him and shed him easily to make tackles in the hole and gain access quickly into the gaps. Dorian has to get stronger in his upper body and has to gain better mental and physical stamina to play at the next level. He has to become quicker overall in his movements and mentally more decisive to help out his teammates on stunts. He has the talent to be an excellent offensive lineman but has to start to work harder at his craft.

Dorian has the potential to play the offensive tackle position (at the College Level) if he had worked hard. For the next level he is a pure guard butÖ for the college level he has enough talent to have played Tackle. So the question is why didnít he? The Left Tackle on this team was not very good, in fact Dorian is a much better pass blocker technically and physically so I have wonder why he was playing guard and not playing tackle? This makes me feel that maybe Dorian lacks the work ethic or maybe he went to class and didnít spend that much time improving on the football field. If he went to class I think you have a potential pro bowl Left Guard that just needs to get into a pro strength and conditioning program and learn to move his feet when he run blocks like he moves them when he pass blocks. If he didnít go to class than I have a lot of questions and Iím not sure Dorian could answer them all. Dorian has the talent to be selected earlier than I have rated him if a team is satisfied with his answers to all of their questions but for me all I can do is look at the film and tell you what I see and that is, A talented offensive lineman who could have been a lot better at the college level and could have played THE most important position on the offensive line for his teamÖbut didnít?

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017