Eddie Jackson   S   Alabama


Eddie can play multiple positions in your defensive back field depending on the defense. He is an excellent zone safety with cover skills to play cornerback in the red zone and cover those big pass catching tight ends and big slot receivers. Eddie might have the best technical cover skills in this entire class of defensive backs. He can be used close to the line of scrimmage or in a single zone safety situation because he is a good tackler and has excellent overall speed. He is an excellent communicator and a coach on the field with solid leadership skills through his study of opponent’s offense. Eddie will give the team that selects him a smart returner who can gain good yardage on most kicks or punts and has the long speed to take it too the house. What you see is what you get with Eddie. He is a mistake free defensive back who prides himself in taking advantage of mistake prone offenses.

Eddie is a good tackler but he sometimes has a bad habit of not securing the tackler while trying to strip the ball. When he comes from a deep safety position to support the run he sometimes takes poor angles and this puts him in position to make the last tackle of defense. Eddie is coming off a broken leg and is not able to work out before the draft and this will affect his draft status.

Eddie is a smart, talent defensive back with leadership skills, return skills and mature coverage techniques that most corner backs in this draft do not have. He has good long speed and has the hands to intercept passes with the best defensive backs in this draft. So why isn’t he considered by the “experts” as a top defensive back in this draft? Simple, it’s that old saying…out of sight…out of mind. Eddie can’t work out before the draft.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2017