Ethan Pocic   OL/OC   LSU  


Ethic is a tall offensive center with good solid athleticism to play his position. He is a very good pass blocker and shows leadership skills that are needed for the leader of an offensive line. He understands angles and with his long arms is able to lock out and nullify pass rushing moves by his opponents. Because of his size most Defensive Tackles will struggle to use a swim move against him and he has just enough lateral agility and solid foot speed to handle those 1 gap attack lineman, turn his hips and push them up the field allowing his quarterback to slid and move in the pocket. Ethan is very smart and very much in control of the blocking and blocking assignments for his line mates. He does a good job blocking for the run using his size to his advantage turning and shielding his opponents to open big holes for running backs. The most important attributes that Ethan brings to his position is football intelligence, demanding and directing leadership skills and a full knowledge of defenses line attack schemes. He is a line coach on the field.

Ethan struggles with leverage with a player right on his nose because of his height but during the Senor Bowl practices he improved understanding learning how to anchor and use his opponents leverage against them. He needs to get stronger in his upper body but the real key is for him to learn better how to use his height when run blocking to his advantage.

Most teams will see if Ethan can be used as a right tackle or guard because its unusual to have a center over 6’4” and Ethan is 6”6” with long arms that most team would love to see at one of the offensive tackle positions. He has the football intelligence and good overall athletic talent to play tackle or guard but for me, I’m not losing his leadership skills at center just to move him to another position that he can play but might not play as well as he plays center. Ethan’s natural “Take Charge” skills and his ability to adjust and reassign blocking assignments to his line mates is unique and should not be taken for granted. His natural ability to lead along with his ability to make split decisions and “on the move” analyzing to solve a problem, can’t be taught. In the quarterback position this natural ability is called the “IT” factor. When you find any player, playing any position in any sport with this natural “It” factor, and add to it unique athletic talent you will find these players to be the top players on your team. Ethan has good solid overall athletic talent, but his skills to lead are off the charts very much like former undrafted Center Jeff Saturday and we all know the excellent career Jeff had in the NFL with just solid athletic talent but also with these unique leadership and analyzing qualities. That is Ethan’s strength, and that strength you don’t want at any other position on your offensive line than center.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017