Forest Lamp   OL/OG   Western Kentucky  


Forest shows the athletic talent to play offensive tackle at the next level but his impact position should be at Left Guard. He moves his feet very well and has the foot speed and lateral quickness to recover when he gets beat. He is quick out of his stance and uses excellent techniques when pass blocking and run blocking. Forest does a good job not falling into the trap of lunging to make his blocks. He continues to move his feet and not panic and lose his techniques. He is smart and understands what opponents are trying to do against him. He also understands were his help is coming from so that he can shade and direct his opponent into his help. For the next level in a pinch and in the right offensive system like a vertical play action offense, Forest would be a solid left or right tackle. The truth is he is a natural left guard who on passing downs has the athletic talent to be left one on one against Defensive tackles and should be an excellent run blocker too.

As a Left tackle he does get confused at times against stunts and can lose control of his inside gap. When going out to the second level he has to go out with better leverage and identify his block quicker. The truth is Iím doing a little nit picking.

Thereís another truth I need to own up to. When I look at Forest on film all I can think of is what a potential great center he might be. I went to the Senior Bowl practices hoping to see if the coaches would try him out there but he got injured and left and that was the end of that. I know this kid will be a hell of a Left Guard at the next level but if he can play center that adds to his value and up the charts he will fly. Itís hard to find Left Guards who are good pass blockers and Iím always looking for College Left tackles that are stout enough and quick enough to move inside to play that position. On passing downs Left Guards are often left alone one on one because the center has to shade to the right guard who in most cases is not the best pass blocking lineman on the line. There are some right guards that are good pass blockers but on a whole most lack the lateral agility to pass block and centers will have to help out on passing downs. That being said, when you find a potential Left Guard with Forest pass blocking talents and run blocking talents you select them quickly and put them into the lineup and forget about that position for about the next ten years. Now thatís a hell draft pick and worthy of a 1st round grade in my bookÖwouldnít you agree?

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017