Garett Bolles   OT   Utah  


Garett has excellent foot quickness to go along with the size and length you look for in an offensive tackle for the next level. He has an aggressive attitude and steps up to the challenge of being THE guardian of his quarterback’s blind side. He uses good overall techniques and is vigilant in staying with his blocking assignment until he hears the whistle. He goes out to the second level with good foot speed and this natural predatory aggressiveness like a hunting dog hunting its prey. Garett is quick out of his stance and this will allow him to play more than one position on the offensive line. He has the quick feet to be able to mirror his opponent and the change of direction talent to recover and push players up the field when second moves are used against him by those pesky speed pass rushers. Garett will be one of the best Left Tackles out of this draft class in the mold of the Browns Joe Thomas if he can correct and improve in a few areas.

The biggest concern for Garett is that he must get stronger in his upper and lower body to become the player his talents suggest that he can become. Right now Garett gets confused when a team uses a lot of stunts against him. I think the confusion for him is based in his aggressive nature and lack of patience. This can be corrected in time and with good coaching but it could be the one weakness that stays with him his whole career. Garrett has the same problem identifying his assignment when he is used to pull also.

I think the weakness Garett has in identifying his blocking assignments when pulling and when opponents run stunts at him, can be overcome with repetition and experience nevertheless it could hold him back in his development until he discovers the problem for himself and corrects it. Maybe it’s not that big an issue and just repetition will address it or maybe it is a big issue, either way I think it just needs to be addressed and once its solved you have yourself a 10 year Left Tackle for sure. Like I said before Garett reminds me a lot of Joe Thomas when he came out. His stance and techniques are on a par with Joe but his strength and conditioning is no were near what Joe’s was when he came out. You have to love the hunting dog predatory attitude that Garett plays with, at least I do because he doesn’t commit a whole lot of penalties and it means his mental strength to compete and be consistent will be a strength when protecting the blind side of his quarterback. It would not surprise me to see Garett get on the field on the right side for a year or two and then moved over to the Left once he gets acclimated to the speed and gets more experience but either side he should be a ten year player who we all will see in the playoffs real soon.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017