Gerald Everett   TE   South Alabama  


Gerald reminds me a lot former TE/H-back Dallas Clark. He has Velcro hands to catch the ball and a big catch radius. He has good run after the catch skills using quick steps to gain separation and stay on balance making it hard to tackle him and knock him off his routes. Gerald has excellent hand/eye coordination and strong hands to easily catch contested passes on third downs and in the red zone. He has the speed and toughness to split the safeties and catch the ball down the slot making him a touchdown nightmare once your team gets over the 50 yard line. He also has the talent to play in the slot on third downs and in the red zone could be used on the outside because of his talent to catch contested passes on slants and crossing routes. He is tough minded and the physical aspect of the game seems to bring out his best.

Gerald is not a three point stance, on the line of scrimmage blocking tight end. He is more of an H-back and although he does a good job blocking in space he struggles with techniques, leverage and lateral agility. That doesnít mean that he canít block or be a good blocker. It just means as an open space blocker he will have to improve to stay on the field and become more than just a specialty player or second Tight End.

If Gerald improves his blocking he can become your starting pass catching Tight End/ H-Back depending on the offensive system. If he is selected by the right team with a good quarterback then the skyís the limit for his ability to impact and become a core player for the team that selects him. When Dallas Clark came out in the draft the Colts had Payton Manning and Dallas was a perfect fit for that offense and had a big impact in the Colts going to the 2006 Super Bowl. Gerald in the right offense with the right quarterback could have the same impact but he has to improve his blocking in space to stay on the field or heís just a specialty player.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017