Haason Reddick   ER/LB   Temple  


Haason reminds me of Buffalo Bills Jerry Hughes when rushing the passer. He reminds me of Cowboys Sean Lee when he plays the pure linebacker position. He has untapped talent playing both positions and that makes it exciting to think of his potential to be an impact player for the team that selects him. He has excellent speed and quickness to go along with good change of direction skills. Haason has those long arms that make him attractive as a pass rusher and with his quickness off the line of scrimmage these natural attributes will allow him to continue to be a disruptive force as a pass rusher at the next level. Haason has all on the natural talents to play any one of the linebacker positions in any style of defense. All that will be needed now is experience at one position and in one style of defense to become the impact player his talents suggest that he can become.

Haason’s size will limit him being used as an every down defensive lineman the way he was used in college. But he fits as an OLB/DE in a 3/4 like a glove. He also fits inside or outside as a linebacker in a 4/3 defense but it might take some time for him to catch up scheme wise before he can play more instinctually. Haason is a better pass rusher when he’s in a three point stance than standing up. His pad level and leverage coming off the line gives him an advantage against bigger offensive lineman. Standing up he will have to learn better techniques when rushing the passer. When used in coverage he will have to learn to anticipate down and distance better and not rely on just his athletic talents. It comes down to gaining the instincts and experience for Haason.

Haason has the talent but his football intelligence might need some time to catch up to that talent. He does need to learn better pass rushing moves once engaged. Right now most of his ability to pass rush is based off his better athletic talent than his opponent. As far as playing linebacker, like I said, he needs time to catch up mentally. Once this happens Haason will become the impact player and core player and a player you should be able to run your defense on the field. He has that type of potential. If Haason shows in the Senior Bowl that his ability mentally is up to speed with his physical talents he could be a late first round pick. That would not surprise me at all. But make no mistake, Haason should become an impact defensive player for the team that selects him not matter what round he is selected in.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017