Jake Butt   TE   Michigan


Jake can catch the ball with some of the best receivers in this draft. He has excellent hands and a big catch radius. He adjusts well to the ball in the air and this allows him to make contested catches going low or high pointing the ball. He is a weapon in the red zone and in the middle of the field will move the chains. Jake is what a quarterback would call a security blanket because of his ability to catch the ball and move the chains and although he is not the speediest of Tight Ends in this draft he is one of the most secure catching Tight Ends in this draft.

As far as blocking is concerned Jake is average to poor at best. There are wide receivers that block better than he does. His lack of foot speed and lateral agility makes it very hard for him to block in space. As far as an in line blocking is concernedÖletís just say, he has a looooong ways to go. Also Jake was injured at the end of the year and has not been able to work out and this will affect his draft status.

Jake is not fast and has to use the umpire in the middle of the field along with his offensive coordinator calling play action on third downs for him to gain any separation but he can catch the ball and he will move the chains and he can score touch downs in the red zone. Jake will also use his body and turn his numbers to his quarterback and that makes him a big target. His ability to catch passes at clutch times in a game is not to be taken lightly nevertheless I think most teams will think of Jake as the second Tight End in a two tight end system with the ability to impact in the red zone and on third downs. At least thatís how I see him being used unless he improves his blocking and than he can stay on the field for more downs.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2017