Jeremy Sprinkle   TE   Arkansas


Jeremy is such a good pass blocking Tight End that has been underutilized by his college team in the passing offense. He has that natural eye/hand coordination that allows him to catch the ball with very little effort. Because of his quick reactions to the ball when it’s in the air he has a very big catch radius and is quicker to the ball making contested catches look easy. He’s a long striding athlete making it difficult for shorter striding players covering him to stay with him on deep routes. He is the best “pass blocking” Tight End in this draft having the lateral agility to mirror his opponent and the long wing span to defeat those speed Edge Rushes that give offensive tackles problems. In fact he is so good at pass blocking that his skills as a receiver have taken a back seat and need to be developed.

Jeremy runs routes just like they are drawn up on the board. He lacks the football instincts on when to cut off routes to help out his quarterback. He struggles with his long legs to get into his routes quickly and must learn to get his head turned around quicker. Because of his lack of instincts and mechanical route running, he struggles to read defenses and understand how to change routes on the fly from zone routes to single coverage routes. Because of his long legs he does struggle to move bigger players on the line of scrimmage in short yardage situations. There was an off field issue that might affect Jeremy’s draft status for some teams but I think from what I understand it should not be much of an issue.

Jeremy has the potential to be one of the best, if not the most COMPLETE Tight End in this draft. He loves to pass block and does it better than most Offensive tackles. Of course he must improve his route running and instincts to better help his quarterback in passing situations but when he does, he should become an outstanding Tight End. He is so natural catching the ball and with his long legs and big shoulders, is very good at gaining yardage after the catch. He is excellent in the red zone, blocking and making touch downs. With his size and ability to catch contested passes he is as good as any receiver in this draft. Nevertheless he will need some time to really learn how to interact on passing downs with his quarterback to become the complete Tight End his talents suggest.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017