Joe Mixon   RB   Oklahoma  


Joe reminds me of the Buffalo Bills Running back LeSean McCoy. He is without a doubt one of the most talented running backs in this group of, very talented running backs. His ability to run between the tackles and break tackles because of his quickness and lateral agility and burst is unique. His ability to take the ball to the house on any play from any place on the field because of his blazing speed is impressive. Joe’s hand eye coordination to catch a pass any place on the field is also impressive. He is a patient runner setting up blocks and changing speeds when running between the tackles. He has those quick feet that make it easy for him to change direction in a broom closet and make two other players in that broom closet miss him. He has excellent size and runs with this slinky, sliding method that eludes tacklers when running between the tackles. He is a good blocker and can play multiple positions for your offense. In short if you look in the dictionary for the definition of the perfect running back you might see Joe’s face. In fact as far as on the field, Joe might be consider by some teams as the best running back in this draft. I would not disagree with them as far as “on the field” but it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.

Being the perfect running back on the field does not supersede Joe’s off field behavior. Also you have to question Joe’s maturity on and off the field and his mental stamina to hold up to the rigors of the NFL season.

The definition of the word rigors is, “unrelenting strictness or toughness in dealing with people or things and an unwillingness to make allowances”. The running back position this year has four or five running backs with talent close or equal, to Joe’s talents on the field and all of them have less baggage that they bring with them into the league. If Joe stayed in college another year with no other issues I would not hesitate to select him in the first round as his talents suggest because that would show me the maturity that I’m looking for in his actions and not just words. But… that’s just me and I’m sure others will have a argument suggest I’m an unrelenting jerk who thinks he’s better than anyone else. Of course those people attacking me for my views show their immaturity. We are talking about a business and Joe right now is a public relations nightmare and distraction for the rest of the players on your team if you select him in the 1st round this year as his talents suggest. Of course the closer we get to the Draft and with the correct public relations people working for him, all of his indiscretions become muted and people are willing to see his talent more than they see his off field “altercations”. I would not take Joe off my board to select because; his issues are in the past. But because of his coming out early (to me) that adds to his personal maturity question marks and that’s why I believe in the third round I would be more willing to take a chance on that lack of maturity he may have now…maturing without issues for the length of his first contract.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017