John Ross   WR   Washington


John is a speed receiver learning to be an all around receiver. He has good hands to catch the deep ball and has improved his route running this year. He reminds me a lot of Ted Ginn who has bounced around the NFL until he learned how to use his speed to his advantage. John has the size to get bigger and the quick feet to get separation on his routes with the long speed to beat safeties coming over the top to help out in double teams. John looks on film to give the effort when blocking and looks to be a good teammate. He has impacted on special teams for his college team returning kicks and this alone will be something teams will be interested in along with his ability to beat double teams on a deep pass.

John is light and can get moved off his routes easily. He also struggles to catch the ball when being contested but in his defense he is fast enough to eliminate most defensive backs from being in position to contest any balls thrown to him because of his speed. He struggles against zone coverage’s and running inside and short routes because he is worried about getting hit. He’s a specialized vertical receiver who can impact because of his speed against certain style of defenses.

John is limited in what routes he can run and impact. He’s not strong enough to take the pounding on the short routes and crossing routes are good as long as he is running under the coverage and not running into the coverage. He’s speed is a match up night mare and he is learning to change gears in the front part of a routes but his size and lack of bulk will make it very hard to put him on the field as anything but a second or third receiver. He has return kick offs and does an excellent job and this talent alone could make him a weapon for the team that selects him along with his deep speed to catch the ball when up against man to man coverage’s and nickel/dime defenses. John has to continue learning the tricks of the trade in running the whole route tree and if he does, than who knows what his impact could be at the next level?

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017