Jordan Leggett   TE   Clemson


Jordan reminds me a lot of Jared Cook. He has excellent athletic talent to block and catch the ball. He can play in a tree point stance on the line or as an H-Back blocking in space and when used on the outside as a receiver inside the fifty yard line he is difficult to defend. Jordan has the vision and run after the catch skills to be an impact offensive weapon for the team that selects him. He has those long arms and long legs that give him a big catch radios and makes it hard to cover him the deeper he is into his routes. With the right quarterback and in the right offensive system there is no reason why Jordan can’t become the impact player his talents suggest he should become if he starts paying attention to the details of his position.

The talent is there, the lack passion, consistency and attention to completing his blocking assignments is also there. He does a good job of gaining leverage and getting into his blocks quickly but seems to lack the passion to follow through and stay with his blocks although he very really gets penalized for holding and that is a positive…I guess.

What can I say; when this kid turns it on he’s as good as the top Tight End in this draft. When he makes his blocks fully he’s one of the best blockers in this draft. It doesn’t matter where he lines up, on the line, in the backfield, out on the edge; anywhere, he has the talent to compete an impact in the passing game. So what do you do with a player who has talent and has played at a pretty good level for his college team but really should have been more constant and more impact because he lacks the attention to detail? You draft him and hope for the best. He seems like a good kid and maybe he just was overwhelmed by all of the positions and responsibilities in this offense. This is why you have scouts and this is why you trust them to get you all the information along with their opinions. I know I would. When Jordan plays well he is very good, when he doesn’t… he is average.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017