Jordan Willis   ER   Kansas State   


Jordan is a deceivingly smart, powerful and a complete Defensive End who is a power pass rusher for a 4/3 Defense. He reminds me a lot of Former Buffalo Bills Phil Hanson, (Look him up; I canít do everything for you). Jordan is the type of player who grows on you as the game goes on and gets stronger as the game goes on. He makes plays in the 4th quarter when every other player on the field is starting to lose their edge. He is excellent against the run and has mature power pass rushing moves way beyond the normal player coming out in the draft. Jordan has the athletic talent to make you pay if you make a mistake or take him for granted. He has the natural power in his lower and upper body that will surprise most offensive lineman with very quick, mature hand usage that allows him to get into the back field before you can blink. He shows leadership skills through his play on the field and will become a fan favorite, a core player and a coachís favorite or your 4/3 Defense.

Jordanís size and pure athletic talent will make most think of him as a tweener, not athletic enough to play as a OLB/DE in a 3/4 Defense or big enough to be a DE in the 3/4. He doesnít have the foot speed and flexible hips to turn the corner and rush the passer from the outside as a DE in a 4/3 Defense. Nevertheless, Jordan is more than stout against the run and finds away (using correct angles to QB) with very quick hand usage to get sacks. He might be able to bulk up and be used as a pure DE in the 3/4 but that will take some time.

Players like Jordan are the worker bees of your defense and are the type of player you have to have on your team to reach the playoffs and super bowl. They are the ďanchorĒ players or the playerís coaches and teammates can always count on to be in the right position on every play. Phil Hanson was an anchor for a 3/4 defensive line that had undersized Nose Tackles and a hall of fame pass rusher. Phil was bigger than Jordan is but they both have the same style of natural strength and savvy technical moves that allow them to make plays when you think in the 4th quarter. Phil Hanson didnít get double digit sacks and he didnít lead the team in tackles but he was a player who started, rarely got injured and was a fan favorite, a core player and a player who if you didnít double team him he would make you pay. Jordan will be that type of player. He might not get double digit sacks but he will make a play, take advantage of an O-lineman who makes mistakes, and be the anchor player of your defensive line. Every team needs players like Jordan, they are the players that allow other teammates to takes chances and make impact plays. Jordan is a deceivingly athletic player just not the speed rusher most teams are looking for right now. The lack of foot speed and his size will affect his draft status but it will not affect his play on the field. He will be very good player for the team that selects him.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017