JuJu Smith-Schuster   WR   USC 


JuJu reminds me a lot of Terrell Owens on the field and off the field. He has the talent to be a franchise receiver with excellent size and strength. He shows excellent run after the catch talent and is mental tough to take the hits over the middle that makes it necessary to become THE receiver at the next level. He will fight for the ball in the air and fight for you to throw him the ball when he is on the sidelines too. JuJu is the type of receiver that has to have a good relationship with his quarterback to be productive. He has the power to move the chains and the “change of gears speed” to burn a defender deep. That being said, JuJu still has a lot of work to do to before he can become the receiver his talents suggest that he can become.

JuJu’s lack of maturity on the field is a big question mark. He wants to win and that is fine but it’s not fine if this attitude is to the detriment of his teammates and the team. He’s blocking is good…but should be better. His route running is good…but it should be better. His attitude is good but needs to improve and get a hell of a lot better. Everything about JuJu’s games on the field needs to improve or he will not make it in the NFL. The problem is, I’m not convinced he thinks he needs to improve in anything other than improving his body and conditioning and that is truly not in question. JuJu has a problem leading and he has a problem following and that is his biggest problem to overcome.

Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for Steve Young, Terrell Owens would never had made mentally in the NFL. I believe JuJu is at that same point in his career. He just doesn’t understand what it will take at the next level to become the star receiver he thinks he wants to be. In the Alabama game this kid got redirected out of bounds more times than I could count and for a power receiver that is unacceptable. His blocking really bothers me because he engages and then looks back for his teammate instead of looking ahead and blocking. It’s like he doesn’t want to hold the block any longer than he has too. His route running is lazy as if he expects the ball to come to him no matter if he is covered or not. He wants to be the star but struggles doing the little things that will make him a star. His lack of attention to details is the problem and it is a problem in every aspect of his game from catching the ball and securing it, to blocking for his teammates, to running routes correctly and consistently. You can see by his conditioning and the fact he has played hurt and produced tells you that JuJu is a weapon and a talent when he is right. There is nothing worse than a player on a team of 53 guys who has a problem being a leader or being a follower and also lacks the attention to detail and JuJu seems to be the type of guy. Nevertheless if he can get all of that straighten out you have yourself a franchise receiver and a player who can become a leader for your team. It’s the difference between Dez Bryant and Justin Blackman or Terrell Owens and Jimmy Smith or Michael Crabtree and Matt Jones.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017