Kareem Hunt   RB   Toledo


Kareem reminds me of Buccaneers running back Doug Martin. This kid runs hard and never saw a tackle that he didnít want to break. He runs harder than most running backs in this draft who are 230 lbs. and over and Kareem measure at Combine at 5í10Ē 218 lbs. His heart is big and he has good speed but what draws me to him is his vision and quickness and lateral explosion. He has the skills to run in any style of offensive system and loves the physical part of football. Kareem is a beast in the field, the question is how much will he be on the field?

Kareem has all the talent in the world but that talent seems to be mixed in with a suicide style of running for his size and build. His numbers at the combine I would consider in line with other running backs his size. But thatís a problem because those numbers do not suggest that he can stand up any better than any other running back in this class and Kareemís style of running suggest that he needed to put up freakish numbers that would coincide with his beast mode style. If Kareem stays healthy heís as good a back as there is in this draft class.

You worry about the injury factor with every single running back in the draft. Nevertheless there are some players you worry about it more than others because of their size, strength and style of running compared to others. Kareemís size of 5í10Ē 218 lbs. does not match his style of running and that makes the injury factor and off field strength and conditioning factor a big question mark. If he can gain about 20 more pounds of muscle to his lower body than his style matches his size. I love the way kid runs but the reality is to question if he can seriously use that same style in the NFL. This question of size to style of running will no doubt affect Kareemís draft statusÖbut it doesnít affect his talent. The Kid has plenty of talent to be successful in the NFL but thinking he can be your main running back could be problematic because you just donít know how much he will be on the field and that question mark will affect his draft status.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2017