Kevin King   CB   Washington  


Kevin shows on film very good speed, agility and aggressiveness to play the corner back position at a very high level. He has those long arms and legs that will allow him to trail receivers and still knock balls down. He likes the challenge of single coverage and loves playing right up in the face of his opponent. With his long arms he can bump at the line and stun a player at the snap of the ball upsetting the timing of a route and redirecting the receiver. He shows on film good quick feet and solid change of direction skills and should be able to play on the inside in the slot because of his aggressiveness and size and on the outside on the corner, because of his athletic talent and length. Kevin should be able to help a team right away the day after you draft him in nickel/dime coverage as he learns and adjust to the NFL level of competition.

Once again I run into a cover defensive back who is a sloppy tackler and struggles to come quick to support the run. He struggles to get off blocks because of a lack of upper body strength, techniques and just the overall willingness to be the first to the play. Because Kevin shows the aggressiveness in his overall play I hold out hope that with some demanding coaching he will become a more passionate tackler. Also Kevin shows no ability to play zone coverageís because he wasnít used that way and in zone coverage his lack of passion to tackle will be magnified.

I am not falling into the trap of this BS about coverage defensive backs. If defensive backs are not secure and willing tacklersÖI donít care how well they cover, your defense will not get off the field on third downs. The key to a good defensive back field is the ability to limit run after the catch yardage. The only way to do that is to tackle. The reason teams continue to move the ball down after down is their ability to make the needed yardage on third downs. Kevin has coverage skills but because he hesitates to support the run or help out tackling in the open field and allows his man to gain yardage after the catch, I canít give him a high grade. Go ahead draft him and if he doesnít improve his tackling skills your defensive back field will not see the playoffs. I do hope Kevin becomes a stronger and better tackler because he does have excellent cover skills but you draft with the information you have in front of you on the day of the draft. The information I have on Kevin is good cover skills but lacks the passion to tackle and that means that he will be a liability in zone coverageís and on third downs. Like I said before, I do think because of Kevinís aggressive nature that with some hard and demanding coaching that Kevin can improve his lack of tackling skills. But remember this, good tackling is mental, you have to WANT to be a good tackler and if you donít want to beÖthan no amount of coaching is going to make you.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017