Marcus Maye   S   Florida


Marcus is another cover safety in this draft that has the talent to play more than one position in your defensive backfield. He is smart and instinctive and does a very good job tackling in the open field. Marcus has the athletic talent, speed and quickness required of a cornerback and he has the size needed to play safety up close or in a single free safety position. He can be used as a slot corner to cover those big tight ends because of his toughness and football strength to play bigger than his size. On the field the kid never stops moving before or after the snap in fact sometimes he moves back and forth like a tiger in a cage at a zoo looking back at the people looking at him ready to react to any movement that he doesn’t like. He reminds me a lot of Troy Polamalu with better coverage skills and that means Marcus has pro bowl talent. Marcus is an aggressive tackler and reacting safety, which has the talent to play cornerback in the right system.

Biggest issue…injuries, Marcus has to stay healthy to impact for his team and with his aggressive play that could be a problem. Right now he is coming off a broken arm and workouts will be late for the draft and this could affect his draft status. Marcus has to come under control better when he tackles so that he can stay away from getting injured.

Marcus is another excellent safety in this draft and because there are so many excellent safeties he might not be selected early. This happens a lot to players who are coming off injuries at draft time. Nevertheless, Marcus has plenty of film to evaluate him and has played safety and slot coverage most of his college career so all anyone has to do is go look at the film and you will see his talent, instincts and ability to cover. Look for Marcus on Rob’s board because he could get a little lost in the shuffle but that doesn’t mean his talent to play his position will be lost, in fact if he is not selected in the 1st round that chip on his shoulder should make him play even better, if that is possible. Injuries aside if Marcus can stay on the field he will be an impact defensive back, there is no doubt in my mind. Remember this is a talent grade and not grades based on the Value of were Marcus might be selected. With so many good defensive backs in the draft the value of the position will depend strictly on the needs of teams to value the safety position in general. Marcus could be selected at any point in this draft but there is no doubt in my mind, from what I see on the film that Marcus has 1st round talent.

Drew Boylhart  APR.2017