Marlon Humphrey   CB   Alabama  


Marlon has the size and length and the quick twitch athletic talent to be an impact cornerback for the team that selects him in this draft. He is technically sound with his cover techniques in zone coverage or in single man converge. He understands how to use the sideline as an extra defender and his ability to adjust and flip his hips when his cushion is used up is excellent. He is a good secure tackler and could play more than one position in your defensive back field. He is able to adjust with good confidence and forget a play when he gets beat but at the same time learn from it. He is flashy but he backs it up and there is no team in the NFL that would not benefit from his talents. Marlon shows good enough hands to make the interception and in nickel dime coverage could be used as a free safety so that he can ball hawk and make interceptions. Heís an impact cover corner and itís really that obvious.

Marlon has to play with more maturity on the field. No taunting. His actions on the field show a lack of maturity and you hope that isnít an issue off the field also. Nevertheless with the information I have I would consider Marlon as one of the best corners in this draft.

Marlon is an efficient, smart, quick twitch cover corner with the size, speed and length that every team is looking for in the NFL at the corner back position. He is a good tackler and will come up and support the run with quickness and secure tackling that you love to see at that position. The only issue I can see on the field is Marlonís suggestive nature to taunt after he makes a good play. It could lead to penalties at in opportune times in a game at the next level. Do your homework and trust your scouts and if this kid has no issues or very little issues than draft the obvious and select him early or you will miss out on a potential pro bowl cover corner.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017