Marshon Lattimore   CB/S   Ohio State  


Marshon is an excellent cover cornerback with Free Safety eyes. That means he sees his assignment and sees and hears and is conscious of his teammateís assignments too. He is smart and a leader. He has all the athletic talent to play in the NFL at any one of the defensive back field positions. He has very good and smart cover techniques with the foot speed to recover when he gets beat. Marshon does a good job shedding blocks and making tackles against the run. He understands down and distance situations and doesnít over commit making the smart play in those situations. Marshon could be your coach on the field and moving him around your defensive back field would not be out of the question but donít misunderstand me, leaving him as your top cover corner wouldnít be a bad thing either. After all when he concentrates on just his assignment in single coverage he can be a dominating cover corner back too.

When Marshonís attention gets split he sometimes looses track of his own assignment. Sometimes he tries to help out his teammates and gets caught guessing and thatís when he can look bad and get beat. He also is a sloppy tackler but at the college level he does he the job done. He will have to become a more consistent tackler using better form.

Marshonís athletic talent and ability to lead are two attributes you have to have in your defensive back field to reach the playoffs. After you select him you will have a hard decision to make as too where you want to play him. Do you leave him at corner back and develop him as your potential top cover corner or do you bring him inside, use him as a cover safety and use his leadership skills and athletic talent? The good think is that Marshon should be one of your core players and stand out pro bowl players for the next ten years because of being able to use him in so many ways. You can feel comfortable thinking that Marshon can be your number one corner back and when he loses a step you could move him inside and have him become your pro bowl safety. Itís a win win any way you choose because Marshon is an excellent cover corner back with those Free Safety eyes.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017