Mike Williams   WR   Clemson  


Mike Williams is a “sellout”. For those new to The Huddle Report.com and my profiles that’s a type of player who will sell out his body to make the difficult play or catch. Mike will turn his body into pipe cleaner like contortions twisting, turning, diving, going high and low to catch the ball. He has an excellent feel for zone coverage’s and because of his size and fearless attitude he is an excellent run after the catch receiver. He loves the physicality of his position and does a good job blocking and that tells me that he is a good teammate. He shows decent speed in general but what he brings to the table is his strength, size, fearless nature and acrobatic ability to catch a ball as if he was a member of the Circus O lay troupe.

Mike is not fast and expecting him to catch the ball down the field 60 yards turning on some blazing speed and taking it to the house is not his game. He can take it too the house by breaking tackles after the catch but not beating his man down the field on a nine route. That’s not his game. He is not quick off the line and will have to learn better hand usage getting off the line to free himself up against single coverage. He struggles to separate in single coverage but is smart and uses he body to show his numbers to his QB. Teams may have a concern about Mike’s medical history and this could affect his draft status although I would think after playing all year long that this should be a mute point.

If Mike is smart he will put on the tape and study Anquan Bolding because he is not as quick or as fast as Dez Bryant but he is big and strong with an excellent catch radius and the ability to move the chains like Anquan did for so many years. Mike’s ability to gain run after the catch yardage is a big plus. His ability to sell out his body and catch a pass is impressive and his talent to get free in the end zone and adjust to the ball in the air makes him a potential touchdown maker for the next level. All of these talents could make the fact that Mike is not as quick or as fast or as polished running routes as a lot of other receivers in this draft… mute. His ability to catch the ball acrobatically like a member of the Circus O lay troupe under duress is very impressive and let me tell you, in the red zone this acrobatic ability and eye/ hand coordination is a talent that every team is looking for and needs to become a playoff team.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017