Mitch Trubisky   QB   North Carolina


Mitch reminds a lot of the Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith. His confidence and management skills to run the offense has grown and improved dramatically through his first year of starting. Mitch has excellent arm strength and is a very good overall athlete with quick feet that allow him to move in the pocket, gain yardage and extend plays. Mitch shows on film all the physical attributes you look for in a top quarterback for the draft. His accuracy and arm talent seems to be as good as it gets. Mitch has the potential to be a starting and possibly a Franchise quarterback for the team that selects him.

Working from a muddle pocket or under duress is not Mitch’s forte. His confidence has grown in leaps and bounds this year but truthfully he hasn’t proven that he can deal with a strong pass rush. He is well protected with a strong running game and offensive line along with an up tempo, pass friendly, always in the shot gun, offense.

If you remember, Alex Smith had a ton of problems when first selected by the 49ers in the 2005 Draft as THE 1st pick. He struggled to deal with all the pocket pressure for about 4years until he was traded to the Chiefs and Andy Reed was hired. Andy Reeds play calling helped Alex to become a very good quarterback in the NFL. In my profile of Alex in 2005 my last statement was the following; “My concern is that Alex will never handle the pressure of being a pocket passer in the NFL”. This statement rang true for the first few years when the amount of interceptions Alex had compared to touch downs almost ruined his career. I have the same concern for Mitch because in all the film I have watched of him throwing the ball, there is rarely an opponent in his face. The few times there has been pressure in the pocket his coach goes to calls in the running game and play action to keep that pressure off Mitch and keep the pocket clean. I like Mitch’s potential but if I needed a quarterback I would not trade up to get him. Then again if he fell to me I would not let him get pass my pick providing there was no other quarterbacks rated higher on my board. But that’s just me and opinions are a dime a dozen when it comes to the draft. Right now (as of this writing) the suggestion is that Mitch could be “THE” top quarterback selected in this draft. For me there are other QB’s with 1st round grades that have more proven play. For the record, I didn’t believe Alex Smith was the top QB in the 2005 draft also but I did consider him as having first round talent. I thought Aaron Rodgers was the top QB pick in that draft and believe me the Draftnik wolves were howling at my door for years. Of course that happens every year. I think on my head stone it will be written, “You’re an idiot and a jerk, and you have no idea what you are talking about” Oh yah and …”you think you know everything”. What can I say, my talents to profile, are a gift and a curse.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017