Montravius Adams   DL   Auburn


Montravius reminds me a lot of the Buffalo Bills Marcell Darius. He requires a double team to block him on most every down. He can play more than one position in your front four in any style of defense. Montravius in the box quickness and quick hands make him a threat to rush the passer and his size and strength make him a threat to shut down the running game between the tackles. He has solid lateral agility to stretch out running plays and allow his teammates to make tackles on or behind the line of scrimmage. Montravius has leadership qualities through his play on the field. His draft status will depend on how much teamís value a Defensive lineman who needs to be double teamed and triple teamed on every down. I happen to think players like Montravius are the building blocks for a great defense so I might value him higher than most.

Montravius will have to learn to use better leverage instead of just brute force against the double team because double teaming him will continue at the next level. He struggles to keep his balance against a double team because he doesnít continue to move his feet once engaged and lacks the hand usage to fight it off. He can play in a 1 gap defense shooting gaps and being disruptive but he will struggle to sack quarterbacks unless he can continue to keep his balance. Most teams will think of Montravius as a two down defensive lineman because of his size and physical stamina and they will envision trying to keep him fresh for all four quarters and this also could affect his draft status.

On most film Montravius is doubled and tripled teamed but once in a while (like in the game against Ole Miss) a team will try to block him one on one, and thatís when you can see how quick Montravius can be getting into the back field and disrupting plays. The key for Montravius is to keep his balance and move his feet more on the double team as well as looking more into the backfield when he is double team to shed and make plays himself. He has to realize that brute force is not the only tool he should have in his arsenal against double teams. As soon as he learns that, Montravius can have the same impacting career as Vince Wilfork has had. Vince plays on playoffs and super bowl teams, teams that were not playoff teams before he joined themÖthink about it.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017