Myles Garrett   ER/DE   Texas A&M 


Myles has untapped talent that is just waiting to bust out and impact for the team that selects him. He has good size and speed and is a three down lineman who understands the priority of stopping the run. He is smart and has good overall strength and is the type of defensive lineman that has the stamina to be just as effective in the 4th quarter as he is in the 1st Quarter. He comes off the line with excellent pad level and two strong long strides exploding into the back field with the suddenness that most players trying to block him struggle with. He has the athleticism to turn the corner when pass rushing but the truth is Myles is more of a “power” pass rusher than a speed or finesse pass rusher. Right now Myles shows on film the potential to become a complete defensive lineman who can be used in any style of defense and be moved around your front seven.

Myles pass rushing moves and hand usage are nonexistent right now but once he improves in this area he will become a dominate pass rusher. Right now he can be tied up on the line of scrimmage and although he never quits he does accept being tied up because he just doesn’t know how to make more than one move to free himself. All of this will improve with better coaching and his excellent work ethic.

Myles is the type of defensive lineman that I like because he is excellent against the run with the talent to become an excellent pass rusher and not the other way around. Stopping the run is more mental and shows teamwork. If you have talent like Myles, than learning the tricks of the trade to rush the passer is just a matter of time and work ethic and Myles looks on film to have both of those. Myles has made a lot of sacks at the college level without the techniques that he will need to use at the next level, and that alone shows me his talent and potential. It’s a pleasure to watch him on the field at the college level and I believe it will be even more exciting to watch him grow (techniques wise) at the next level and eventually watch him as he becomes a dominant defensive lineman in the NFL for the team that selects him. I would not hesitate in selecting Myles at any point in the draft and would think that finding a team in the top ten to select him is obvious because selecting the players with obvious talent and character in a draft should be just that…obvious.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017