Nathan Peterman   QB   Pittsburgh


Nathan Peterman reminds me of Christian Ponder. He has excellent intelligence and looks the part of a pro football quarterback. He works in a pro style offense and shows on film good mechanics and sets up well working from under the center and that seems to be THE main criteria when evaluating talent and skills for the next level. (Sarcasm) Nathan does a good job rolling out and throwing to his right on dump off passes. He has good size and is athletic enough to move in the pocket to extend plays. Christian (excuse me) I mean Nathan seems to be a favorite of some teams because of his ability to handle and learn an offensive play book and this also seems to be THE main criteria for some teams in evaluating a quarterback for the next level. (More sarcasm)

Nathan lacks the true arm strength of a starting quarterback for the next level. He throws better to his right side of the field than his left side and his velocity is lacking on deep outs leaving to much air on those passes. Nathan struggles in the pocket and lacks the instincts and the ability to make plays with his arm in unscripted situations. He leaves the pocket often and quickly but doesnít show the quick feet to make much yardage. He lacks accuracy on his deep passes and most any pass over 40 yards. Nathan projects to be a good backup quarterback providing he doesnít get a chance to play.

I donít believe in selecting a quarterback just because he is better and quicker to learn a play book over a more talented quarterback. I donít believe in making the quarterback position harder to play and adding a lot of language in the huddle and berating a player because they canít repeat that language. I donít understand the animosity and obvious hazing like situations coachís show quarterbacks who are selected early in the draft because it only promotes failure. There is a war between GMís, HC and Owners in the NFL when it comes to selecting quarterbacks and if a Head Coach is not in agreement it seems he will do everything to make sure that quarterback is not successful. Maybe itís subconscious or maybe itís conscious but the fact is itís happening and itís happening to more than just one team. To lead you must learn first, how to follow and when to follow. Nathan Iím sure is a good person and I have been wrong many times about players in the draft but if I was a part of a teamís decision making that selected a quarterback that I thought was not starting material, I would state my case and then move on. The last thing I would try to do is sabotage that selection just for my own ego. Nathan in my evaluation just doesnít have the athletic talent and instincts to carry a teamís passing offense for 16 games in the NFL. Maybe itís because heís had to many offenses to learn and maybe he does need time but what I see on film, is what I see on film. Itís not personal, its business in spite of the fact that all business is personal, it just depends to what degree. So if Nathan was selected by the team I represented I would do everything in my power to make him successful. Just like the Vikings did with Christian Ponder (see Archives). Everyone on the team worked hard to make him successfulÖsometimes it just doesnít work out.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017