Obi Melifonwu   S/OLB   Connecticut


Obi is a tall, strong, smart defensive back who can cover and tackle in the open field. He is one of the more secure and form tackling safeties in this draft. He has the length and size to cover and the solid change of direction skills to play any one of the defensive backfield positions inside the red zone. Obi has leadership skills not only through his play on the field but also because of his character off the field. He has the size and athleticism to cover those big tight ends down the slot and with his ability to change direction will be able to cover your tall receivers in the red zone also. Obi has unique athletic talent for his size and surprising speed and with his long legs, long arms, will surprise most quarterbacks who think they can beat him when he is playing off the line as a single free safety. Obi’s is destine is to become a pro bowl defensive player for the team that selects him.

Biggest issue that Obi has to overcome is that teams will think that he is too big and not quick enough to cover but that is not true. His numbers at the combine are important to establish that he is quick but I believe most teams will think he is not. His length and long strides make up for a lack of the average “safety quickness ratio” and if teams realize that then Obi will be selected very early in this draft.

Obi’s ability to collect himself and tackle securely in the open field is impressive to me. His ability to cover in the red zone is also worth a million dollars on the open market also. Add to that his character on and off the field, his football intelligence and ability to lead and make players around him better and I think you have a pro bowl safety that could play more than one position in your defensive back field. He’s the key to selecting Obi, he could play in your defensive back field or he could became a outside linebacker because of his ability to tackle and this means …he could become a core player, key player and pro bowl player, the kind you can build your defense around. Now you tell me, what kind of value would you put on that type of potential? I think very high, at least for me because Obi is a potential defensive playmaker and those are hard to fine.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017