Patrick Mahomes   QB   Texas Tech  


Patrick plays football with this “eerie type of calmness”. He has a quick release and throws a natural ball with the correct velocity and touch when needed. He’s a pure pocket passer with enough athletic talent to move around and extend plays when he needs to. Patrick is sneaky good. He makes plays that surprise you during a game because of this calm way he goes about doing his job. He is very accurate and with his natural quick release shocks you with his arm strength. He handles playing in a muddy pocket very well because of his confidence in how quickly and accurately he can get rid of the ball under duress. Patrick is what I would call a natural at playing the position of quarterback physically but he will have to step it up mentally at the next level to become more than a natural quarterback, he needs to become a “complete” quarterback.

Patrick still has a lot to learn about the quarterback position mentally. His leadership skills are through his play on the field and I do not believe that will change much as he gains experience. He seems to be quiet, but forceful enough in his play to gain the respect of his coaches and teammates. Patrick has a habit of turning the ball over when he throws off his back foot. He has to learn to move in the pocket and re-set when that happens to re-gain his mechanics and velocity on his throws.

This kid is a natural. It’s kind of scary because with this natural talent his potential is enormous. I watch him on film and he never seems to change his play no matter what the score is. He just goes out on to the field with a workman like attitude and starts throwing the ball and making plays. He’s the same if he is playing from behind or if his team is in front. As soon as he learns to take better care of the football and not throw interceptions he becomes a dangerous quarterback to go up against in any game and with any score on the score board. Patrick doesn’t have the arm strength of Packers Aaron Rodgers but he does have the potential to become as impacting a quarterback. He’s a natural and plays with the same demeanor that Aaron has on this field. Patrick is your sleeper quarterback in this draft.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017