Quincy Wilson   CB/FS   Florida  


Quincy is an assignment savvy corner back with the length and long speed every team is looking for in its corner backs in this day and age. He shows on film the make up speed to recover and the length and wing span to knock down the ball when trailing receivers. Quincy shows leadership skills through his play on the field and is a bit of a technician using great techniques when playing zone coverage or single coverage. He has those long arms to keep blockers off his body and shed the block and tackle. He is willing to support the run to his side and has good enough hands to make the interception with the long speed to take it back all the way. Quincy has the talent and football intelligence to play more than one position in your defensive back field. He reminds me a lot of Buffalo Bills Defensive Back Corey Graham.

Quincy struggles to make secure tackles in the open field when supporting the run. The college teams with good running backs ran to his side all game long gaining 1st downs because he just seems hesitant in HOW he wants to tackle them. He is willing but in the near future Quincy is going to have to decide the best way for him to make tackles and stick to that one way. He seems confused and this has caused him to hesitate allowing his opponents to easily walk out of his tackles. Quincy also is not a quick/ twitch corner and covering those small quick receivers will be a problem especially if he doesnít learn to tackle better.

Quincy will be a valuable player for the team that selects him because of his talent, length, and speed and football intelligence. He can play corner and he can play free safety and he also can cover those big tight ends and big Receivers in the slot for your team. If Quincy learns what form to use when he tackles he can also cover those smaller receivers and keep them from gaining yardage after the catch. Tackling and stopping as much yardage after the catch is what gives a passing defense its true value. I donít care how well you can cover a receiver a good quarterback who can throw on rhythm and with accuracy, will complete a quick slant every time. The key for the defense is to limit yardage after the catch with good solid tackling and if you do that, your defense will have more three and outs giving your offense more chances to score. Small receivers have the small tackling target and are lower and naturally have the need leg leverage to gain those three or four more yards after the catch to move the chains and gain first downs. Larger receivers on the outside can overpower smaller or weak tackling corners to gain the needed four or five yards on slant routes, to move the chains and gain first downs also. You have to draft good tackling players at every position on defense to have a good defense. Itís really that simple. So go ahead and draft those so called great cover corners who donít tackle well and guess what, you will see them in free agency and on teams that do not make the playoffs. In the Alabama game Quincy missed 8 tackles that I saw. In others games he did not miss as many tackles but still struggled to secure. He must improve in this area to be the impact player his talents suggest that he can become.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017