Raekwon McMillan   LB   Ohio St


Raekwon is an inside linebacker for a 3/4 Defense. He shows on film good speed and his burst to the play is excellent. He is a good tackler and will take on those big offensive linemen in the whole with the strength to shed and make the tackle. Raekwon shows excellent mental strength and reminds me a lot of the Jets ILB David Harris. Like David, Raekwon has to prove that he can handle pass coverage’s at the next level. He has the speed and good football intelligence and has no problems dropping off the line in zone coverage but hasn’t really been used in single coverage. Raekwon is what most will call a thumper linebacker or a run stuffing linebacker and until he proves differently on an NFL field most teams will think of him that way.

The biggest issue for Raekwon is mental. He has to stop thinking of himself as only a two down linebacker. He has to stop taking his first step (no matter what down and distance) towards the line of scrimmage. He has to be more aware of down and distance and start understanding what teams will do. In college ball they run the ball more than NFL. So Raekwon looks for the run on almost every play and that has to change to be more than a two down linebacker in the NFL and I think it will.

For the purpose of this draft most will consider Raekwon as a two down linebacker… but I don’t because he has shown the athletic talent to be more than that. Nevertheless, Raekwon now has to show the mental talent to change his “learned reaction” of looking into the backfield and taking his first step forward to stop the run. He has to learn to line up deeper, make lateral steps in anticipation of sweeps and screens and drop back on third and long and not get fooled by play action. It will take some time and only being on the field will change this. If a team drafts him and uses him as a two down linebacker he will never change. I know he is football smart. I see it in his athletic reaction on the field and I see him reacting quickly to running plays and when you see that quick reaction I know he has it in him to react just as quickly to all downs and distance situations if… he is given the chance. Just like David Harris has learned.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017