Roderick Johnson   OT   Florida State  


Roderick is a quality offensive tackle still growing into his body. He has everything you look for in the build of an offensive tackle for the next level. He has the size and long arms and the overall length that makes up for any lack of athletic talent he may have. He takes pride in his blocking and is assignment smart, picking up stunts and working with his teammates on the offensive line. He doesn’t panic and although he struggles at times during a game he never gives up and seems to adjust as the game goes on. When he gets beat he starts to play with a “controlled like anger” that makes him move faster and work harder but not commit penalties. Roderick seems to be very coachable and have the perfect mental make up to become an excellent offensive tackle for the team that selects him.

Although he is still growing into his body there are some athletic issues that with good coaching he can minimize but will always be a problem. He lacks the true change of direction skills and lateral agility to redirect when opponents use double moves on him. He is learning to turn his hips and drive opponents up field but he struggles to move his feet once he is engaged while pass blocking. When he gets angry and keeps his pad level low he does a good job blocking for the run but he is inconsistent and right now he lacks the lower and upper body strength to compete at a high level for a 16 game schedule. Most of these strength and conditioning issues are correctable and I have no doubt when that happens Roderick will improve in his techniques also.

It’s hard to say if Roderick will ever be a good left tackle but I do believe he can be a pro bowl right tackle in the very near future. I like his mental make up to overcome his athletic limitations but because of his athletic limitations he could only play left tackle in an offensive system that uses a lot of play action. I think any other type of offense he would struggle with the speed rushers. He reminds me a lot of the Giants Erick Flowers in that regard. I could see a playoff team in the first round more than willing to select him because he looks on film to be a quality person with the talent to a start and play offensive tackle at a high level. It just might take some time and patience.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017