Ryan Glasgow   DT   Michigan


I believe the reason football was invented was for kids like Ryan Glasgow to have something to play. He is relentless playing with the same effort on every down and for all four quarters. Ryan has marginal athletic talent but he has good size and can play on the nose in a 3/4 or as a DT in a 4/3 defense. He shows excellent leadership skills through his play on the field but what he brings to the field, cannot be measured from a work out or ascertained from his athletic talent. When you look at the film you will see, play after play “relentless Ryan” coming off the snap at a pad level that changes the line of scrimmage to his advantage. He runs down players that are faster than him because he is relentless. He doesn’t shed blocks he “slithers” off blocks and makes tackles at the line of scrimmage. He’s makes offensive lineman make mistakes because he never stops coming at them, down after down, play after play, series after series. Ryan’s main goal on the field is making the other team have to double team him. When he accomplishes this he feels victorious allowing his teammates to make plays. Ryan understands his talent and his worth to his team and he enjoys being part of a tackle or a sack that is he is not given credit to him on the stat sheet but will be in the film room.

There is upside to Ryan’s game because right now he doesn’t have very good hand usage and he doesn’t lock out and control his opponent and shed blocks very well. All of these issues are techniques issues and can be learned and when Ryan learns these little tricks of the trade he will be more of a pain in the ass to block than he is now because Ryan is relentless.

Ryan is the type of player offensive line coaches yell at their lineman because he makes plays against them and as far as they are concerned he’s not talent enough to do that. Than the O-lineman go back on the field and stop him for while and then make another mistake, Ryan beats them once again for an effort sack or he “slithers” off a block and makes a tackle. You need players like Ryan on your defense to reach the playoffs. He is the player that plays so hard and with relentless effort that it frees up your more talented players to make plays. He is a core player and a fan favorite and a coach’s favorite player. He’ll have the respect of his teammates because of his effort and because his goal is to make them successful. Ryan reminds me of the Buffalo Bills Kyle Williams (See Archives) who has been the glue to every defensive front since the first year he was selected in the 5th round of the 2006th Draft.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017