Ryan Ramczyk   OT/OG   Wisconsin


Ryan is the type of offensive lineman who the more you coach him and play with him, the more you appreciate his consistency and talent. He can play multiple positions for you on your offensive line and in any style of blocking scheme. He has excellent feet and is smart handling stunts with ease. He does an excellent job run blocking and pass blocking using consistent techniques with a combination of quick feet and balance. Ryan is quick out of his stance and moves with ease to the second level to make blocks in space. All of that being said Ryan has one problem that could affect his draft status more than any athletic or technique problem.

The biggest problem Ryan has that will affect his draft status is that he doesnít look like an offensive tackle. He looks like a guard and you know how the Experts of the draft think about size/speed ration when it comes to analyzing players for the next level. If you donít look the part you those experts struggle to envision you playing the part. Ryan also has a well known medical (Hip) issue that will need surgery after the season and that will affect his ability to work out for the scouts and GMís and head coaches. Ryan does have one weakness in his pass blocking. As a Left Tackle he can get beat and set up with inside moves. This mostly likely is a technique issue or it could be because of that hip issue but either way Iím sure Ryan will improve and correct this problem.

Ryan is like that family ring that everyone in the family thought was fake but when taken to the jeweler to be apprised found out it wasnít fake and in fact, was worth millions. Ryan doesnít look like heís worth a million dollars but trust me, he is not a fake he is a real potential offensive lineman who will be worth millions. I donít care what position you want him to play because he will play them all at a very high pro-bowl level. In fact I would love to see if he could play center and make all the snaps because I know he has the intelligence and the athletic talent. But for the purpose of this draft, Ryan does not look the part of being a Left Tackle in the NFL. Heís not quite tall enough and doesnít have those real long arms. Heís not overweight and doesnít lumber around looking aimlessly for someone to block. I mean seriously with a last name like Ramczyk youíre either a middle linebacker or an interior offensive lineman. That being said, I think he can play left tackle at a pro bowl level for the team that selects him and even if Iím wrong you just selected a pro bowl interior lineman with the name RamczykÖ and heís no fake diamond, heís the real deal.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017