Samaje Perine   RB   Oklahoma


Samaje is a strong legged power runner with just enough wiggle to make him dangerous. He shows on film the effort to block for his quarterback but what he really brings is the confidence of gaining positive yards every time he touches the ball. He has running talent similar to LeGarrette Blount and can catch the ball out of the back field with excellent hand/eye coordination. He has a smooth gate with very little wasted effort moving north and south as if he was skating on ice. When he is forced to make a move Samaje will surprise you with a quick “in the closet” type move that helps him to break tackles and continue up the field. He is faster than he looks and proves it when he breaks into the open and someone tries to catch him from behind. He does not make yardage on his own because he is not the type of back who fools to many people on the direction he is going to take once he receives the ball but every once in a while …when forced…he will throw a move on his opponent that freezes him as he goes barreling by. Samaje shows leadership through his confident play on the field and his dependability to gain yardage on almost down that he is called on to carry the ball.

Samaje doesn’t show great vision and although he has sneaky lateral agility because he lacks vision he doesn’t use it and that’s why most teams will not rate him very high. He does show that he has speed when he needs it, but not blazing speed that would excite a team to select him early in the draft.

Samaje is the type of running who could go undrafted because his style of running is an acquired taste especially for the NFL. He’s the type runner that will not impress teams in workouts and when you put on the tape he might have some good impacting games but not enough strung together in a row to make you say…I got to draft this kid. What Samaje brings to a team is the solid play at the running back position. The type of play that you can depend on to gain needed yardage at needed times in a game. Samaje is a minute in the 4th quarter, to close out the game and keep the clock moving… running back. The difference in Samaje and some other backs that might be the same style of runner is this…Samaje can be an excellent starting running back if he is given the chance. You give him 20 to 25 touches a game and he will gain over 100 yards, catch the ball for 30 to 40 yards and score two touchdowns. Samaje has untapped running skills that you don’t see much on film unless you watch every carry in every game and then all of a sudden Samaje’s talent appears but you really do have to look for it. Samaje has just enough open field moves and between the tackle moves to make him dangerous.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017