Shelton Gibson   WR   West Virginia 


Shelton has the speed and lateral explosion of a jack rabbit. He reminds me a lot of Steve Smith Sr, because of his strong run after the catch talent and his ďin your faceĒ attitude. He loves a challenge of going up against the top corner backs and for his size is a very strong route runner. Youíre not going to move him off his routes and if you do he has the upper body strength to fight and adjust and the strong hands to catch the ball. What I like most about Shelton is his ability to catch the deep ball in full stride while being contested. Not may receivers with his speed have that talent and that is also why he reminds me of Steve Smith. Shelton has such good ďrun after the catchĒ talent and good hands that along with his speed to go deep this is what makes him the potential sleeper receiver in this draft. I expect him to open up some eyes with his workouts at the combine for sure. Nevertheless even with good workouts I suspect most teams will struggle to see his true potential.

Shelton doesnít have a big catch radius but the truth is with his ability to separate he doesnít need one. Some teams will down grade him because of his size but once again he packs a lot of power and strength equal to any size receiver in this draft. I have no information on any off field issues but Shelton does play with an attitude and that might turn some teams off. Iím also not sure of any medical issues but of course if there are any, that will also affect his draft status.

Shelton has all of talent, power and strength along with the ďin your faceĒ attitude and football intelligence that you need in a starting receiver. He also will be an excellent special teamís returner very much like Steve Smith Sr was his first few years. Let me put it this way, if your quarterback has a gun for an arm, Shelton is the bullet. You get the ball into this kidís hands at any point on the field, running any route and he will make yardage. Heís very dangerous as a kick returner because in the open field like I said before, heís moves will the skill and ease of a jack rabbit. He has that explosive lateral agility to leave anyone grabbing for air trying to tackle him in open space. Now Iím not here to tell what round Shelton will be selected in. The truth is I donít have a clue. With so many receivers of all sizes in the draft, Shelton could be lost in the sauce. If he runs well at the combine I suspect he might be selected in the first three rounds but as of this writing I think Iím the only one that knows Shelton is even in this draft. Most are going to think that he is a specialty player because of his size and thatís the reason Steve Smith was selected in the third round of the 2001 Draft. He spent most of his rookie season returning punts and kickoffs and leading the league in those categories that year. It would not surprise me if Shelton takeís the same path to stardom as Steve did. Shelton is my sleeper pick of the receivers this year. Remember I think a sleeper is a player in a Division IA school for all to see but no one seems to see him. Shelton has Steve Smith attitude, strength, power, good hands, and passion and like Steve he has those jack rabbit skills to gain yardage running any route on the route tree. If he has Steveís work ethic he could be just as impacting as Steve has been. Iím betting he will.

Drew Boylhart  FEB.2017