Sidney Jones   CB   Washington


Sidney has that long lengthy body type that teams are now looking for in their corner backs. He has excellent feet and quick twitch agility to make it easy for him to cover any size receiver in single coverage. Sidney is smart, has solid techniques and is such a smooth running athlete that his speed on the field is deceiving. He plays with little effort and seems to be always in control. He has some make up speed to recover because of his long strides. Sidney has good enough hands to make the interception and the agility to gain yards after. He should be solid cover corner back for the team that selects him.

Sidney will have to build up his body to last for a 16 game schedule at the next level. His pipe cleaner arms just do not have the strength to handle those physical receivers in the NFL. His pipe cleaner arms will also not be able to securely tackle players along with shedding blocks to make tackles on the edges and on sweeps and screens. I have no doubt he can make tackles now but for a 16 game schedule five six times a game plus tackling players in the open field he just doesnít look strong enough to me. A good strength and conditioning coach should be the answer. Sidney also hasnít played much zone coverage and when youíre playing off a receiver it becomes very important to have the strength to make secure tackles because at the next level itís all about receivers gaining yardage after the catch and defensive backs not allowing it.

Some players have this wiry/strong body type but when I look at Sidney on film I see wiry but the lack of strong. He struggles to get off blocks and also accepts being blocked. He seems to think that his job is just to turn the play inside but thatís not his entire job, heís also responsible to try to shed blocks and make tackles too. Sidney plays with this attitude of, I do my job and you do yours and donít expect me to do more than my job. Of course that could be his coaching and the system he is in. It doesnít necessarily mean that he will play that way at the next level. The fact that Sidney does his job well is great but for me to think of any defensive back as first round talent I expect more impact plays like interceptions, tackles behind the line of scrimmage, creating fumbles and an overall ďI try to do more than my jobĒ attitude. The fact that Sidney lacks play making skills and is not a strong tackler makes me realize that he will need time and coaching and a good strength and conditioning program to improve and become more of a playmaker at the next level.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017