Taco Charlton   DE/DL   Michigan


Taco looks the part of a dominating defensive end for the NFL level. He has the height and length with the long arms and legs to be an excellent pass rusher. He can play in a one gap or two gap systems because of his size and length and long arms to keep opponents away from his body. He has long speed and decent change of direction skills to turn the corner and make a sack. He can split a double team when it calls for it and will make tackles behind the line of scrimmage. With Taco’s size and athletic talent he should be considered one of the top defensive lineman in this draft but remember…it takes more than looks and talent to play in the NFL.

What will it take for Taco to become the player his talents suggest? I believe it will take a ton of hard work and a cattle prod. Taco is slow off the line, slow to react, slow to the play, slow to get off blocks and shed them, slow to change directions and slow to use his arms constantly to make plays in general. If someone can kick this kid in the ass and motivate him to play with some passion he could be the one of the best lineman in this draft. With what I see on film it is difficult for me to have the trust in this young man to find that passion once he signs an NFL contract. Taco also has to get stronger and take more of a direct line to the QB because he lacks the true foot speed and change of direction skills to be a speed rusher for the next level. He has to become more of a power rusher and learn those skills to succeed. All that will require from him is better use of his hands and some dam passion to play at his highest level all through the game.

When Taco uses the correct techniques and keeps players off his body with his long arms he is as good as any defensive lineman I have seen coming out in a draft. The key to his average play is the lack of passion he plays with and the lack of using consistent techniques. I’m not suggesting he takes downs off, but I am suggesting that he seems to play most games in a “depressed” state of mind. If I’m a coach I would love to get my hands on this kid to see if I can motivate him to become more of a complete player. As an owner there is no way I give him 1st round money to see if my coaches can prod him to the next level of play. So since I do the selecting, in this case I think the Taco is stale and needs to be put in the microwave to freshen it back up. But be careful because if it stays in the microwave for too long it will get all mushy and wilt.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017