Takkarist McKinley   LB/ER   UCLA  


Takkarist reminds me a lot of the Raiders Khalil Mack. He has those long arms and quick burst to go along with good change of direction talent to get into the backfield quickly and cause havoc against his opponents. He’s very quick and does a good job playing two gaps against the run and making tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Takkarist (shows on film) leadership and pride through his play on the field. He never stops playing until he hears the whistles and that means you can’t make a mistake blocking him and keeping him blocked is a priority for all offensive linemen. Takkarist has a height advantage when rushing the passer or should I say a “lack of height” advantage when rushing the passer. He is smaller than the average pass rusher but because of his long arms and legs and quickness his height gives him leverage advantage on bigger players very much like the Rams Aaron Donald has but Takkarist is a player who does better on the outside than he does playing inside.

Takkarist may have a shoulder problem that I saw when he played against Stanford that could affect his draft status. Also he fits a 4/3 scheme attacking the line of scrimmage better than an edge rusher in a 3/4 defense. He has the athletic talent to play in both schemes but seems to be a better fit on the line in a three point stance against tackles. Biggest issue that needs improvement for Takkarist will be hand usage. He must get better knocking players hands down before those big offensive linemen can tie him up. He has to learn to get off blocks quicker and with anticipation on how he will be blocked. He must improve his football intelligence of the blocking schemes of NFL offensive lines. All of this will happen with experience and better coaching.

Takkarist has all the talent to become an impact player very much in the mold of Khalil Mack. He is not as powerful in his lower body but he does have the same style of play and is a little quicker than Mack to make up for less lower body strength. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a strong kid but his lower body type, not the same as Mack’s natural lower body strength. That being said they both have the same style of play and like Khalil; Takkarist should be an impact player. If I’m wrong about Takkarist shoulder issues than his ability to get off blocks is an issue that he will have to improve and could hold his “length till impact” back for the team that selects him but either way Takkarist should become an impact player. Just give him the time.

Drew Boylhart  JAN.2017