Tarell Basham   ER/LB   Ohio


Tarell‘s athletic talent and size reminds me a lot of Mario Williams. He has the athletic talent to play in a 3/4 defense on the edge or in a 4/3 defense on the outside. He has an excellent burst to the play and his effort is outstanding. Terrell size speed ratio hits the perfect mark and his workouts are outstanding and with his length there is no reason not to think that Tarell has the potential to become one of the top edge rusher’s from this draft class.

Tarell does some strange things on the field that confuse me as to why he does some of the things that he does. It’s almost as if he is working too hard and not getting the full benefits of his efforts. He is erratic with his steps into the backfield taking as many as eight to ten steps before getting even into a pressure situation. Some steps are forward and then the next might be east/west. He tries too much to out maneuver his opponent instead of using his size and talent to his advantage. The truth is at times he plays smaller than his size instead of some players who are able to play bigger than their size. He is also inconsistent using his hands and long arms to his advantage of locking his opponent out and controlling him to shed and make tackles.

Tarell has to learn to use his size, length and overall athletic talent to his advantage and right now that is not happening on every play. When he does you see an explosive and talented player who can overpower his opponent. But for some reason Tarell struggles and tries to finesse opponents and that makes him play smaller than his size. I guess it’s because of his athletic talent that he thinks he can out maneuver other players rather than just go at them and make them struggle. He has to stop stepping all over the place and learn to take a direct line. He has to learn, better hand usage techniques and he has to stop trying to out think his opponent and learn more how to set up his opponent to make plays and sacks. There is no doubt about Tarell’s talent and there is no doubt about his effort but right now someone has to get into this kids head and rearrange his thinking and that could take some time. Message to Tarell… you’re not a finesse type of player, stop taking all those steps and start ripping some freaking heads off and you can be one of the best edge rushers from this deep class of edge rushers. Remember that old saying, work smarter not harder.

Drew Boylhart  MAR.2017